I met Warren a little over a year ago during one of my visits to the Homeless Veterans Shelter. After listening to his story about his days in the military, his struggles with PTSD, Depression, the amputation of his leg and homelessness, we knew without a doubt we wanted to help him. As we followed his progress within the shelter programs, OAS began collecting household items for the day when Warren would have his own apartment. Item's collected where a new bed, living room set, kitchen set, air conditioner, toaster oven, dishes, bathroom items and much more. Shortly before Warren moved out of the shelter he was denied a motorized wheelchair by the insurance company.  We could see how difficult it was for him to get around in his wheelchair and knew the struggles he would face in his own apartment. OAS reached out to our network of great people and within a short time we were contacted by Crotched Mountain Medical Supply company offering to

donate a motorized wheelchair. Warren was over joyed with the act of kindness from everyone involved in providing him with a new chair, that he promised to put it to good use. Warren has recently enrolled in U-Mass Boston and began taking classes. He keeps in touch with OAS on a weekly basis and has invited us to attend his graduation in the spring.   


Alfred came to OAS through a Veterans program in Maine called Warrior Legacy. They only assist vets in Maine so they we unable to help Albert as he lives in NH. The program director put out a email asking for help; OAS stepped in to volunteer. Renaissance Cooking was kind enough to donate a case of prepared foods to Alfred to help him get on his feet. 


"I cannot express in words how grateful I am for the help that you gave me. Truly from my heart I would like to say “Thank You” for what you have done for me in my time of need.  I am hoping that my deepest and sincerest appreciation is enough. I know that people sometimes don’t get all of the appreciation for their hard work helping others live a better life. I know that you don’t do what you do for high publicity, but you do it because something greater inside of you tells you too. We call our war veterans hero's, but we war veterans call people who give freely their time and gifts....Angels of God. I am hoping that the smile on your face is as big as mine reading this letter! May God Bless you with His angels and His glory.  My deepest and sincerest appreciation. "  -Alfred


Julie was living in a shelter when she contacted OAS. We were able to provide her with a bedroom set, living room set & kitchen set and moved her out of the shelter and into her own apartment.


"Thank you for all your help and services. Your kindness was above and beyond! I really appreciate everything! I'm so excited to start my life in Quincy!"  -Julie


Operation Adopt A Soldier has helped many military men and women get help AND get back on their feet. These are stories of our true warriors.